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Why I love being an Aunt

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Almost three years ago this little man came into my life and I haven't been able to stop smiling. I come from a smaller family and never really had the chance to be around younger kids and watch them grow up. It's seriously something so amazing that I can't wait until the day I decide to start a family.

At first I was a little terrified of being a Aunt. Will I be awkward? How do I hold him? What if he cries while I hold him? Will I be a good baby sitter? But, the first moment I held him all those fears washed away and I knew I'd love him more than anything. 

So, what happens when you have an obsession with your nephew and a love for photography? Tons of photos. Every chance I get when the weather is nice we head outside to play and snap some photos. I impulsively went outside to my parents backyard searching for a spot to take photos. I discovered their bamboo was this gorgeous brown color and the sunlight was hitting behind it perfectly. How could anyone pass up that opportunity? So, I asked Harrison if he wanted to go outside and play with his dad... and we had a blast.


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