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OTR & Downtown Cincinnati Engagement

Meet Jessica and Matthew. These two set the standards on #couplegoals. I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica's sister Molly (of Reel Bliss Moments) who is hands down the sweetest person you could ever meet. So, when Jessica reached out about her upcoming wedding I was pumped. A chance to photograph these two amazing ladies and capture Jessica and Matthews love story is a dream come true.

We decided to hit the town on a Friday night and have some fun. We started out in OTR wandering around and exploring some areas. As we were in the process of photos we had multiple people wish them well and congratulations. It's always nice to be reminded of strangers kindness and it made our night extra fun and full of laughter. Plus, when you have someone shout "work it girl" it creates the perfect laughter photos.

Once sunset hit we made our way down to Smale River Front Park for some of those killer sunset photos. Plus, I had a few spots I had in mind to explore a little too. These two braved the windy conditions to capture some shots of a lifetime. I can't wait until their wedding day in November. You two will make an adorable couple and I cant express my excitement enough to be there to share in your special moment.

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